Thursday, November 4, 2010


So tonight is the first night of our BRAND NEW weekly in Hollywood @ the beautiful Parlour Room (6423 Yucca St., just off of Cahuenga). Yes, the tabernacle style is comin to Hollywood baby! Let's just hope they're ready for it ;]

(click image for details)

But since a lot of people are always asking me, "WTF IS TABERNACLE ANYWAYS?!!" I figured I would break it down and also get people hyped up for tonight.

Tabernacle style, or as we like to call it, "Tabernacle son!" is a style of DJ'ing invented by the great Shaolin master, Dj D-Flow. So in a sense it really only exists in his own mind, and one can only truly be considered a true master of the tabernacle style under the tutelage of master D-Flow. But what it really is, in a nutshell-- really. really. ridiculously good music that makes your saddle rattle. None of that Top 40 bling bling bullcrap. Tabernacle comes from the heart and soul, so you best believe every selection has to have some heart and soul in it ;]

Here's a prime example of the tabernacle style from the originator himself:

01 Tabernacle Vol 1. Sonic BOOM!! !! by DjDFLOW

And here's some other good examples of some tunes you might here at a tabernacle party

*********and just to make it interesting, if you can pick out the one song that DOESN'T belong in the list, you are a true student of the Tabernacle and deserve a free drink tonight! Just post it in the comments here or on the event page on facebook****************:

So there you have it. A tid-bit of tabernacle sprinkled all ova dat ass! Hope to see you all out tonight gettin down with the sounds! We'll be there every week doin what we do best- TABERNACLE SON!

As always, feel free to hit either myself or D-Flow up if you got any special requests for our night, or just to say what up =] You can find us on twitter at: @djsillykid and @DJ_DFLOW

Or hit me up @:


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