Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Toast Buffet...

Because it's nothing but JAMS up in this bitch! lol. Anyways, this is just a little compilation of stuff I've been bumping lately. Enjoy ^__^

I feel like these dudes were kind of slept on. One of my tops. Dope beats, dope flow, sa'll you need.

Another crew I feel that got kinda slept on. They got a few really dope albums. This is one of my fav tracks. Got that smoove Pete Rock feel to it.

I love LOTU and I love Redman. So it's no coincidence that this song delivers!

On to some boogie funk bizniz. I first heard this song on the promo video for Funkmosphere (which, if you've never been to- GO!!! It's every Mon @ Carbon Lounge on Venice in Culver City). Anyways, I instantly fell in love with this track. Try to play it out as often as possible.

Blue Feather got that FUNK!!! I used to like this song a lot when I first heard it, and after I saw this video and that KICKIN mustache- I LOVE it! haha

I like this song, but the beat is what I'm really all about, so I'm just postin the instrumental. Madlib at his finest.

Gotta wrap this post up with one of my favorite songs of all time. First heard this on a Madlib mix on Chocolate City. After weeks, maybe even months of searching, I finally found out what it was and it is now a staple in my music diet.

Anyways, thanks for reading/listening/fapping. Stay tuned, I got some dope new mixes bout to drop. Smell ya later.

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