Monday, October 18, 2010


As many of you may already know, the new BC album is only a few weeks away from dropping!!!  If you don't know about Broken Complex- 1) you're slipping. 2) you're playin yaself and 3) it's O.K. because now you do and the balance of life can no be restored to order! ^__^

As far as my review for this album- here it goes:  IT'S DOPE! (Although on this sampler I am slightly partial to "This Life")  Seriously though...every. single. track. is amazing!   You don't believe me?  Go axe da twinz mufuckaaaaaa!  Or just give it a listen and you'll see why 30 Helens agree that the new BC album has heat written all over it!

So give this little 3 song teaser a listen and make sure to follow us on twitter @brokencomplex and also join the fun over at: BC Facebook

And when the album drops in a few weeks- GO GET IT CUZ THE SHIT IS ON HIT! You can pick it up at most music retailers, but your best bet is through BROKENCOMPLEX.COM

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