Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Eeyore Days... (Rainy day survival guide)

I, for one, have always been a solid supporter of sunshine, lollipops and rainbows etc etc...But- occasionally a little gloom is needed to keep plants alive and all that hippy crap. So in order to make the best of it, here's some tips from Silly to help make it through this cloudy rainy bullshit.

1) Stay inside - going outside sucks. It's cold and wet. Nuff said.

2) Order food - the key to staying inside on rainy days is being as lazy as possible. Try to maximize time spent in bed and/or bundled up.

3) Good movies - If you don't have streaming Netflix yet- you're playin yourself. But even if you are still living in the stone age and playing DVD's from a VCR or whatever the blast it is you play those things in, it is still a good idea to be stocked up on good flicks. And since it's all rainy and depressing and shit outside, this is an ideal time to watch all those depressing, deep, dark, fantastic movies that you're usually never in the mood to watch! =D
Here's some of my fav's for rainy days:

  • Taxi Driver

  • The Innocence (This MUST be watched at night, lights off, no talking, no breaks, no interruptions- trust, it will scare the crap out of you)

  • A touch of Evil (Nothing says rainy day like a good Noir)

  • BRAIN DEAD! (Probably one of the most fucked, awesome movies of all time)

  • And if you have Netflix streaming- I recommend going through your foreign or Documentary sections- they have some really good stuff on there!
4) GOOD MUSIC! - Ahhh yes, what would a good rainy day be without good tunes to accompany it? Here's a list of songs and albums I like to rock on a rainy day (I would provide DL links but if you can not figure out how to extract music from the internet then click here for a free tutorial):
  • DJ Shadow - Endtroducing. Such an amazing album from start to finish. If you don't already own this, you really really really should. Absolutely incredible, classic piece of music

  • Sonic Youth - Pretty much anything, but my fav's for Rainy Days are Bad Moon Rising, Confusion is Sex, Sister, Goo and Washing Machine (mainly because of this song):

  • Cella Dwellas - Realms and Reality. One of my all time fav hip-hop albums. Just super chill, tight beats, dope rhymes, nuff said.

  • Classical. Rainy days are one of the few days I'm actually in the mood to listen to classical music because I just want to lay in bed and listen to music in contrast with the rain on the roof and this works perfect (also noteworthy- Rachmaninov, Chopin, Mozart, Bach, Schumann, and of course- the old Ludwig Van):

  • Stan Getz - nearly anything. My all time favorite stuff is the work he did with Jaoa and Astrud Gilberto, I like a lot of the early stuff too like Reflections, but for rainy day purposes- it's gotta be this song:

Ok for the sake of me not turning this into a short novel, I will leave you with that. Besides, you should be too lazy right now to be reading this anyways and be in bed watching movies and listening to music and being content with being lazy and depressed. So just remember- fuck all that learning to dance in the rain bullshit. Wait for the storm pass, just do it in style ;]

Stay classy Los Angeles.

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